Saturday Slices 5.9.15

There was a ;p communist muslim student in Raj College, we called him Kazida, he looked really old, older than my 24-26 years I mean, so we all called him Kazida, he was one of the main organizers of our saraswatipuja, and as far as I recollect he was a great painter, he used to paint the alpana on the entire hall floor.

alpana is a traditional painting done on religious and other happy occasions like marriage, it is traditionally done with rice paste left in water overnight and then grounded to create a liquid paste that is used as colour for paintings, sometimes colours like turmeric, vermillion powder are used to give different colours. But now people use all type of things starting from chalk to enamel paints for alpana. As far as I remember he used to paint the entire hall.

I so wish we had digital cameras back then!

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