Saturday Slices 29.8.15

During my college days we formed a girly group, Rimita, Nilanjana, Shipra, Swagata and me, we mostly stayed together and had lots of fun together, harmless ones but fun all the same. Our budgets were tight, so we could manage to roam around the places that cost nil and ate spicy things from street vendors 🙂

Shipra was a tad distant mostly she was with me in college only but with the remaining three the relationship grew a bit deeper.

Nilanjana, Rimita took tuition classes with me, that tutor after taking a whopping amount of money as fees almost ascertained that we fail! his notes were totally rubbish! I realized that during the final phase of my studies, that is two month before exams, and then totally threw away his notes and studied from books. I warned Rimita and Nilanjana but they took the risk of trying his notes! Swagata was quite close to me, we met a lot at her home.

college days are without doubt the very best years of academic days 🙂

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