Friday Anecdotes 14.8.15

Sharmishtha Basu (author) writes

People will say and do things
to prove their superiority over others
or will do that to misguide
have their own ulterior desire
there are people in this world
who still believe that others
are flock of sheep
and they are shepherds or wolves
they can guide, horde or devour them
for their own sake or theirs.

Once upon a time, not very long ago was a little girl, who grew up in a joint family type of environment, being the silent student she studied people around her, and from quite early days noticed that how people misguide others for their own purposes.

Fortunate for her she took time to react but even then they often had the upper hand because they were too cunning, so with time she realized that people who want welfare of others are not as persuasive as those who want their own welfare, you should…

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