Me and Crystal balls… 2

170x170 day 120 28.8.15

I sometimes love to read tarot card readings though, honestly they sometimes do the soothsaying very nicely! at least cheer you up quite amply!

Now, why cant I trust them even if my try my best?

I did some readings for past few months, the gypsy just kept singing songs of cupid, how someone is madly in love with me, and how that person is about to show up in my life and change my mind about love (Bah!!!!) and make me fall for him head over heels!

I am irresistible to opposite sex (hee ha ha and blah blah) someone is dying to marry me…. honestly??? well must be invisible man!

I keep asking her about career and she just keeps singing about love, it convinces me of one thing, mostly lovesick people knock the doors of gypsies ;p so they keep in stock sweet nothing for them!

As for my brightest romantic future, well, I have been reading about them since they first started to come up in newspapers I guess, so I no longer need assurance in that field, I will love some sweet talking about my brilliant future as a writer ;p but they just don’t get that!

They did say something after much trying, and again and again… I will absolutely love it if they come true! Then you will see me receiving booker or some equivalent prize ;p


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