Me and Crystal balls… 1

170x170 day 120 28.8.15

I just don’t believe in tarot cards and fortune cookies, I do believe in palmistry a bit and numerology! I have once dabbled in it, my elder brother had a book by the legend Cheiro, the palmist, so I read that book thoroughly and I read my own palm first and realized it does quite clearly shows our nature, if you read it well, if not fully quite close!

Then I of course I started reading the palms of others too, and everyone loves palm being read, so I had a lot of candidates and I discovered one thing, if you read well you may get quite a picture of a person’s nature and past, fortune- well I just could not read “future or fortune”.

The interesting part was I could know things people tried to hide too, that is why I used to warn people that if they want to hide something don’t show your palms.

Quite often, the lines in our palms tell the reader what we actually are, no matter how well we hide our true nature!


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