170×170 day 119 27.8.15

170x170 day 119 27.8.15

She waits patiently
On the highest perch
Sometimes endlessly
For a careless prey
Sometimes other birds
Chase her away
To save their own
People compare her
To predator
Feeding on weak, helpless
Alas! She is just a mother
Out to hunt for her fledglings
Waiting for her return!

She swoops down from sky to silently, absolutely silently land on the highest perch or the spot that will give her widest view.

She blends in with the surrounding and sits there, absolutely motionless, the only movement is in her head that scans the surrounding, looking for some careless prey that she will be able to catch.

Fledglings are growing in her nest, so is their hunger she can no longer be choosy!

If she can’t catch something else she will grab a bat on her way back to nest, they are quite easy prey, even though they stink and their flesh is so leathery but that is better than empty claw, she can’t starve the fledglings all day and night!



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