170×170 day 115 23.8.15

170x170 day 115 23.8.15

How they rise and fall
To rise again,
How they play and work
How they love and lose
That’s what she watched
From up above
Hidden behind the clouds
Mostly never noticed
For men were too busy
In their own worlds
To look above
Into those beautiful eyes
Watching them,
But once in a thousand years
Her eyes met
With eyes of a human
And she loved the look
That was returned
Full of curious dreams
Wondering if someone truly
Was looking down from up above!
Watching the world.

She was the darling daughter of Sky King, loved watching the lives in different planets, how they were evolving, how they behaved, she often thought her father has created doll houses for her to watch and have fun.

She had strict instructions to not interfere so she just watched them, you know… mostly! You know how kids are, so when no one was watching she sometimes meddled, just a little bit, because she did not wanted to get caught by daddy.



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