Saturday Slices 15.8.15

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This is a harsh reminder of the only damage I have done to my academic career, ever since my childhood I wanted to become a doctor I was fixated to it like a bull is fixated to the red flag, ignoring the fact that it is his doom!

so, when I was about to appear for my school leaving exam a *** extremist of Darjeeling Subash Ghishing decided that his way of proving that he was an ace revolutionary leader was to loot the question papers, screwing up the year of thousands of students, because that resulted in three month delay in exams and the question papers were so easy that a child could answer them. We were happy to the height then the result came out and we realized that it was all a game to screw us, 90% of our school’s batch got same number in physical science group (physics and chemistry), biology and maths- the passmark, not a number more, not a number less.

I was wisely suggested by my head mistress to forget about my dreams and join arts group, the only group available with that mark! I bluntly refused and took admission in college, they of course allowed us, they did not gave a hoot to our dreams, later told us to join arts group or leave.

Then another idiot Rajeev Gandhi, the then prime minister finalized the burial, that jackass passed a circular that very year, that if someone fails to procure 45 numbers each in physics + chemistry, biology and mathematics s/he wont be able to study in science group. These ***** have ruined the brain that was once called west Bengal, politicians of all sorts, the crown goes to communists but these others were no less.

Well, when my college ordered us to change stream I left college and started trying other venues, unfortunately Mr. **** Gandhi has made it clear so after wasting seven or eight months and listening to the same final dictum everywhere I did the dumbest thing someone can do when there is no one go guide her, left school! My elder sister instantly appointed me as her personal maid and I wasted first five years serving her and then my younger brother planted some brain in my skull and told me to try and complete graduation. Well I did after wasting priceless years serving a fiend!

It is a reminder to me to never, ever get fixated on anything again! ever!!!! always remember that you may be totally worthy of having a thing that does not means luck wont snatch it away, when it does don’t waste too much time trying to get it back, if you know you wont get it back then look for something better! 😉

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Slices 15.8.15

  1. You are a fine writer now, Trisha. 🙂

    These examination issues and leakages happen here all the time. This year about a70% of students writing their WASSCE (final exams to qualify them into universities) failed in Mathematics, a requirement for entry into the unis. These students have to stay at home for year, register and re-write the paper to enable them enter next year.

    Fortunately, my son who also wrote the exam passed! 🙂

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