Goodbye Hyderabad!

Final gong has sounded and the packing unpacking is about to commence grrr. Well the house has been finalized in Kolkata, so we will be there before October 🙂

One thing is for sure, loved this little break provided by my brother’s really weird office, who transfer staffs across the country for six months! Anyway, that is the way private concerns work I guess ;p

So, I will certainly tell you when I will take the break, till then I will try to sweet talk my brother to take me sight seeing because there wont be any coming back to south india for sure!

Loved the local people after **** I have been seeing for last 15 years, it is sometimes good to know that normal people live in this world. is not it?

Well, Kolkata is familiar turf and my tarot cards are saying I am about to have the time of my life in the coming four months august, September, October November so… maybe this is the first chapter of my book of success heh heh. anyway, wish me luck! May one of my books become a best-seller or movie ;P


bonalu mahan kali jatara  9.8.15

krishnakali  9.8.15  IMG_0120


8 thoughts on “Goodbye Hyderabad!

  1. Dear Sharmishtha — i hope your tarot cards are right — and in the best possible ways. (Did you know I read tarot too? I didn’t know you did.)
    I thought your move to Hyderabad was permanent. So thanks for letting us know you’d be in transit again. I enjoy your posts about those things. Mega hugs my friend.

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