creepy, sinister or normal?

sinister matches 13.8.15

I really don’t want to sound strange, but my friends know about toxic sisterhood and my suspicions that to paint me black some of them may fool others into believing that they are me. I am a little too suspicious about it. sorry.

I bought a few pieces of cotton dress material from a girl who worked in my ex landlord’s house, now, after shifting here I noticed within a week that a woman who looks really like my ex landlady lives in a nearby building, now, my ex landlady had quite common feature, so there must be thousands of women who look like her, so I did not paid much attention.

Then I noticed this yesterday, they look almost identical to my clothes, don’t they? now do wardrobes match this much?

my dresses 13.8.15

wardrobe match 13.8.15 IMG_0031


4 thoughts on “creepy, sinister or normal?

  1. That’s my same problem. Right there. In a different way. But that’s it. It is creepy. Or sinister. This just made me feel like I’m not alone in that thinking. Thank you, Sharmishtha!

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