The adamant visitor

butterfly IMG_0031 7.8.15 FS

This little guy crossed my drawing room, balcony and landed on my bedroom door (7.8.15 night), I captured him after a bit hassle and released him outside, well I did not wanted him to end up as lizard food, that very second it adamantly entered back, and after that catch me if you can game started, I climbed on chair, stool, kitchen racks to catch him and release him outside and he decided to show me that he is master of his own will.

So finally I had to keep him imprisoned till morning and release him at dawn.

mehandi IMG_0034 on 7.8.15

This is my latest indulgence with Mehandi, Henna 🙂 This is the colour right after washing my hand, I sort of like it better than the one that is following.

mehandi IMG_0036 on 8.8.15

This was the colour when I woke up in the morning 😉 I rather like the red colour or copper colour whatever you call it.

reflection on roof water IMG_0019

The house is almost made, its roof is built and they build a small pool for birds to bathe, feed 🙂 I hope they are earning a lot of blessing of those little beings. 🙂

They do sing marvelous songs for them from roof top, a pair of Khanjana that loves to catch insects there.

khanjana pair IMG_0035 8.8.15

khanjana ripple in water IMG_0011 8.8.15

couple IMG_0066 8.8.15 FS


2 thoughts on “The adamant visitor

    • I don’t know may be water? we wash our hands and work and the mehendi on my feet is redder than the one on palms so chemicals in soaps can be a reason too, anyway, glad that you too liked the redder shade. right now the one on my right palm is slowly going dark from deep red. 🙂

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