Bonalu Mahan Kali Jatara promised pic

bonalu mahan kali jatara  9.8.15

There are more but I thought it will be better if I just throw them all together serially 🙂

Well for those who have missed my yesterday’s post on this journey of Goddess Kali on chariot from homes to some specific temples well, in 1869 Hyderabad struck by plague and the people back then started this puja to appease Goddess Kali, I don’t know whether their prayers were answered or not because we Bengalis mostly link death to Goddess Kali so maybe they wanted her to stop death… I dunno, there are two such goddesses in west Bengal/Bengal, who have specific duties- to save their devotees from cholera and pox- two deadly epidemics of old Bengal, they both are yeah, Chandi means Kali of course so Olai Chandi is certainly mother goddess Kali, the other one Shitala (the one worshipped to ward off pox) well she looks more like MaDurga than MaKali, so I think when people are happy they go for MaDurga and when they are scared they try to please MaKali, after all, when death is dancing on your head you should be thinking about someone powerful enough to save you, and a warrior is a better option than mother I guess! anyway, so this puja started in 1869 and is still running, it is a very colourful affair I have read in google, I certainly did not went downstairs to watch it in detail, I would not have understood much, sorry, Telugu is latin to me, so I watched them from my bird’s nest and enjoyed it thoroughly.


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