Sunday Secrets 9.8.15

The Lotus of Fire

I rather prefer it when people address me by my name in internet and formally when they are face to face or by name, whichever they prefer.

Now, there are two reasons I don’t like to be called sister, auntie or anything else because number one they remind me of my ex family, and my toxic relationship with them of course.

two, no matter how hard you try, when someone calls you sister, auntie, daughter… a little expectation forms in your heart that the person will respect that “relationship”- which in today’s world I have seen is quite tough, at least I will give Indians 1 in scale of 100 when it gives to give a relationship its worthy respect, value. Ah! I know your relatives can be perfect but not in my world, and I don’t live in your world so … in the end I rather prefer formal…

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