Bonalu Mahan Kali Jatara

When I first noticed the golden chariot I checked the diary because I was quite sure that Jagannath’s Rathyatra has already passed, well it has. If you want to check out the event better google it, it is a huge celebration in eastern india millions of people gather in Puri to witness or pull the chariot of Jagannath (another form of vishnnu) to his aunt’s home. It was on 18th July.

This is the chariot of Goddess Kali, I don’t know where the chariot will go, there are multiple places, one of them is Chamunda (another name for Mother Goddess Kali) temple in Golconda fort, another, yet another example of how harmoniously Hindu and Muslim lived in India, and still mostly do, if you don’t know, Golconda is fort of a Muslim Nawab ;p

In 1869 plague ravaged Hyderabad then the people started this puja, and it is a great, colourful celebration, I don’t think I will be able to see the procession but I will share the pix I can take from my bird’s nest today. You will see the pix tomorrow 🙂

The women cook and offer the Goddess food- Bonalu means food in Telugu, Jatara well, I can guess that it means yatra and that is travel in English.

The celebrations started at five, the drumbeats woke me up and I watched them for a few minutes, playing the drums and dancing, now I can understand that midnight drums, that I heard a few months back, that must have been some puja 🙂

The intriguing thing is everyone is collecting Neem branches, well, in north india it is mango or bel (I don’t know its English name, it is a huge tree and its leaves are must for Bengali pujas) branches, I have never heard about Neem branches being used in any puja, maybe, this puja was to ward off infectious disease so… quite practically Neem branches were used to appease the goddess.

Have a blessed sunday.
love and hugs.


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