Saturday Slices 8.8.15

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This is the leaving certificate of my first job, a perfect job that paid peanuts for salary but was thoroughly enjoyed, it was ruined by two *** one a married woman who was as corrupted as they come in every sense, the other was a man as toxic as they can be. This fellow well I think he was kicked out of hell and thought it was his holy mission to poison the earth and it was my misfortune that he stalked me, not in a romantic sense, not anywhere close to that but there was some reason behind that stalking, I don’t know what and am not even least interested to find out, seen too many worthless creeps like him, India is infested with them I think, spineless snakes ready to bite anyone who sets foot close enough.

Even with those snakes I enjoyed that job to the core, because it kept me busy, back then I did not bothered about salary, because I was living in my own home, so the little peanuts they paid hardly ruined my happiness.

I was quite respected by the bosses, they trusted me a lot, I had to handle their student account, that meant lot of money back then and that was quite flattering.

During my final days they almost followed my requests about the departments I handled, that was pretty cool!

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