Sunday Secrets 2.8.15

The Lotus of Fire

Even though I have used make-up quite a bit but only lipstick, lip gloss (my favorite) and nail polish. I never ever use Kohl in my eyes, for some reason I am not really easy with allowing strange objects inside my eyes. 🙂

Anyway I don’t think that too much make-up suited my personality so I always went for only lipstick and lip gloss and of-course the symbol of Indian women, bindi 🙂

I have never worn a heel either, for two reasons- I am too tall for Bengali women, yeah most Bengali women are shorter than my five feet five inches height so ….

The second reason whenever I tried to wear them, even the platform ones I could not walk, so I gave up the idea totally and wore only flat shoes.

These days I have to wear flip flops or other plastic/synthetic shoes because I am allergic…

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