Back to Kolkata

Well, its back to Kolkata, the final gong has struck, we will be back there before Durgapuja it seems, seems it was all about a brief trip to another city 😉

Packing, unpacking the bag and other things is the annoying part. But… that is what life is all about, right?

We can always hope for the best and make the best happen for us.

I am getting a message from wordpress “you are using the auto-generated password for your account” what is it babbling about? I simply go to my personal settings and create the password, that is type it down like I have done from day 1 what is this “auto generated password” anyways? you know?


2 thoughts on “Back to Kolkata

  1. Auto-generated password is the one that WordPress assigns to the account when you set it up… you may change it if you wish….which many people do so they can remember easily and for security reasons.

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