170×170 day 95 3.8.15

170x170 day 95 3.8.15

Misha well, she certainly is the third gem of my life, my pet female spitz, she was sooooooooooo sweet that I can’t even think about the term bitch when I talk about her, think about her!

She was born on the day before Bengali New Year 1989, we brought her home when she was one month old, and she stayed with me till 2000, she died in Rajasthan in that hell’s hole.

She was an absolutely amazing companion, my relatives called her my daughter and I do agree with their remarks, even though I am quite aware of improbability of that still she certainly brought out the best maternal instincts in me, a feeling only one of my pets have been able to bring out in later years, even though I had a battalion of cats. I will share both their pictures in this post.

Honestly, after loving animals and human beings for years I don’t raise my eyebrows when someone prefers them over human beings as true family members.



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