170×170 day 89 28.7.15

170x170 day 89 28.7.15

When I returned to my hometown in 1985 my mother admitted me in a Bengali medium school, absolutely bong school. I will never forget the patience of those teachers.

Now, in general Bengalis know English but they are fiercely loyal to Bengali, so if a Bengali can’t speak Bengali properly that is a big vice and often they are looked down upon.

So here I was who have studied up-to class nine in English and hindi medium standing in a class room, trying to understand everything in Bengali, and after that sharing it in Bengali.

Boy! I used to start in Bengali and in the middle I used to go to English, not only that I did the same in my answer papers too, pure Benglish writing, I am so very grateful that they did not failed me! In place of that they gave me lesser marks but understood my plight.

I sometimes wonder what if those teachers had been snooty like some teachers are, what would have happened then?



4 thoughts on “170×170 day 89 28.7.15

  1. No matter the lingua franca of a people, it is always better to start out in your own mother tongue. The situation is a sad one here where everyone speaks English with the child at home and some so badly it is embarrassing. The result, is that kids of today cannot speak their own mother tongue properly and equally fail in the English language as well. 🙂

    • heard them, parents of Bengali medium and hindi medium desperately trying to speak in English with their kids and scary English I mean! we were taught three languages together right from scratch, Bengali, English and hindi. Bengali because it was must as mother tongue, English because it is still necessary in India and Hindi because I was brought up in a province where Hindi is mother tongue.

      My father was a very wise man he gave us a solid foundation which my mother screwed up ;p

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