Hyderabad days are over it seems!

Well, guess we are going back to Kolkata, not only that bang in Binky’s territory, the same old neighbourhood. Bro dropped the bomb on Saturday, I asked him to look for a house in North Kolkata, he agreed, asked a friend then his bosom buddy called yesterday and every thing changed. He is looking for a house in the same old neighbourhood.

This fellow lived with us (read it aswith my brother, because in almost 18 months that he stayed with us, we never had a face to face conversation, apparently he does not speaks with women, even if they are his host, being quite egoistical I too stopped trying after a few attempts, and now, if I see him on the road I wont recognize him, I may recognize his wife but not him, none of them are in my league either, they are not the type i will make my friends), and is my brother’s number one friend, they are very close, so his word certainly is final for my brother! Men always listen to their buddies, the best way to control them is either become their lover or buddies, sadly these are not in my field of expertise!

So cant say i am tickled to death to go back to the same disgusting locality but this is a price you pay for financial dependence!

How I wish one of my books will give me my financial freedom ;p

wish and pray for me that his transfer is postponed or one my books sell 20,000 copies that will be enough for me to buy a flat and save the rest of the money for at-least ten years more! ;p

love and hugs.


2 thoughts on “Hyderabad days are over it seems!

    • no it is not, it is back to exactly the same negative environment. It wont take Binky and Co. long time to discover my whereabouts, but just as I said that is the worst part of financial dependence ;p

      Thanks for the wishes.

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