Saturday Slices 25.7.15

satslice 5 IMG_0028

This is what we need as an identity card for train journey as daily passengers, after getting this with a photograph of-course (that has been used elsewhere after I left burdwan) we have to buy monthly tickets for dimes, literally, it is a wonder that even after that people don’t buy railway tickets here!

When I travelled from burdwan, for three years or so the monthly fare was below 300 Rupee I think and that included availing express, and the ticket checkers suffered us if we climbed on mails too, as I worked in private concerns I could not make it to howrah station before seven, so I missed the last express train to burdwan, and only lunatic women will climb a local train after dark for a 2 hour journey, so I had to climb the long journey train, the daily passengers were disgusting but the ticket checkers were really kind!

We stayed within our limits, never bothered the actual passengers and the ticket checkers suffered us.

Those days we used to return home earliest at nine thirty and go to bed somewhere around twelve (had to cook, clean dishes and of course ourselves) and wake up at two thirty again to do stuffs before catching the 7 A.M. train, just think about the boiling rage when we had to wait till eight thirty or so (really often) to get that 7 A.M. train and then hear snide remarks from colleagues or bosses at office!

Those were SOME days!!

satslice 6 IMG_0029

This is the identity card of our first location in Kolkata, north Kolkata, Khardaha, boy! I will never forget those trains!

You wont believe the crowd if you don’t see them!

I travelled quite a few time hanging outside the train compartment, ducking the lamp posts as they whished past, phew!

Hated them!

8 thoughts on “Saturday Slices 25.7.15

  1. wow !!!!!
    can relate very much mam….
    these trains can never be deleted from our memories….
    i remember..when i used to travel for college….same train every day ,,,i made some friend also… they call…daily passenger….

    • mostly that is the case, we have to catch the same train on both sides to and fro and mostly we make friends. call me Trisha, it is fine with me. that is a sure indication that you know who you are communicating with.

  2. A tough experience for a young working girl.

    It was/is no different in Mumbai, but the distances and time travel are not so bad.

    That’s changing. With affordable housing available now only in distant suburbs, I know guys even today travelling for 2 hours to the office one way. Phew,,,Still have energy for a day’s work!

    • the same case in west Bengal, there if you want a job you will have to come to Kolkata (story for 70%) so they have to travel to Kolkata and return back to home or stay in Kolkata, I think 50% stay the other commute daily.

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