What do you think of this bio?

What do you think of this bio for the books like “Meghparir gaan song of clouds” where the poem will be a part of the picture, so the bio will have to be like that too.

Do you think it looks good? The words are same as the previous one, almost same so… only the decoration part is different.

bio 2


6 thoughts on “What do you think of this bio?

  1. This is excellent. Do you think you should say looking for work, then saying what type of work you are interested in? Someone may think of you for a job. Just a thought.

    • no way Nick, 45 is too old for job hunting in India, offers started to trickle down after thirty, I asked my brother five years ago, and he said it is too late, no one will appoint a 40 years old who has been out of job since 2007! I have hunted high and low before giving up finally! the salaries are so low that it is better to stay at home and do chores, that too is a economic activity, because I have lived that life, when both of us (me and my brother) used to go out at seven and return at nine thirty and know how much money it saves if someone is at home to do cooking and other things!

      As for qualifications? well I worked as a counselor (education), computer operator, proof reader mainly for about ten years in total before giving up.

      In India advertisers clearly mention freshers or appropriate experience, at 45 years of age they will ask for 20 years of experience at least! So you can see my passion is my occupation, I am trying to make my living through these- writing and painting. wish me luck! loads of it!

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