Saturday Slices 18.7.15

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This of course is my father’s, my mother lost all her documents, but some of my father’s stuffs showed up lucky for us!

My father and my eldest brother were quite examples of unimportant “Schooling” is for a brilliant future, maybe they both might have accomplished lot more had they been admitted to good schools but they did well! really well for sure!

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These posts are inspired by two of my friends, Vishal @ and one and only Kevin, they asked me some questions about my private life, things that can be shared with friends and one wont bother if some stranger reads them.

So I decided these posts, if you are curious about something you can gladly ask me, I will decide whether I will share that information here, in an email or say sorry cant tell you because if I do I will have to kill you 😉

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Slices 18.7.15

    • it just a method created to help ruin the careers of students. I am glad that I don’t have a child who will go through the same things we had to go through, I have heard things are worse for the next generation, and now they are really bad.

  1. The struggle for education has never been straightforward. The record of the British is somewhat biased towards educating the top echelons of the country being colonised in order to facilitate a smooth transfer of power. So much that was done in the past has ‘come home to roost’ and the former colonial territories have now to battle with a system that had the potential to be flawed at its inception.

    Here in Britain, we are still wrestling with the old problem of the echelons of education: grammar versus comprehensive; private versus state education, and so on. Even at university, we bring a class system to bear by creaming off those at the top of the academic ladder (mostly from the private establishments) going to Oxford or Cambridge. They then go on to get jobs in the government, civil service,or even the army; but too many end up at Westminster, perpetuating the ‘old-school-tie-brigade’ with all its possibilities for endemic corruption.

    In India, as in other countries where education is highly prized, there are those who will exploit individuals with ambition because they can be the source of great mercenary gains. The seeking after money can be corrosive.

    It is the concept of making money that lies behind the British Council’s promotion of the English language so that it has become the global lingua franca and absolutely necessary for all who have the desire to participate in global communication. Not bad for a language that started out as the tribal languages of a few Germanic tribes who invaded Celtic Britain in about 500AD.

    I love reading your blogs.

    • this is what I have been babbling for years to deaf ears, that Indian government should protect the rights of private sector employees, in place of counting the bribe money offered by their bosses they should see if they pay their staffs a proper amount of money.

      The maximum salary I have drawn (after completing every work I have been given to do) is 4000 rupee, now what can a person do with 4000 rupee? if she has to commute to and fro office either paying 20 rupee each side or getting out of house two hours before office time and return at midnight and then of-course handle every chore in home!

      It is better to stay at home and do chores at home, because at the end you will realize you may be losing 500 bucks a month! These bosses are not poor, they earn millions yet they rob their staffs because there is no one to protect them.

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