My birthday and my magic birds!

plant cage IMG_0020 17.7.15

Nature often makes me firmly believe that she reciprocates love! I have always loved nature with my whole soul! In my darkest phase of life I have found joy in her, I remember my birthday in Binky’s hell, that year, for some reason I was hell bent to “not enjoy” my birthday, the surroundings were too dark, I was yet to adopt my first cat, that year, right on my birthday I met two wild animals, they looked like raccoons, seriously, but raccoons don’t belong in India, those animals made my day, they kept coming in and out of a house behind the house in which I was living, I took quite a few snaps but my phone camera was horrible back then!

Today, when I woke up and went out my magic birds were waiting, these two birds have been visiting my little balconies almost every day, and they often ignore me when I am in the balcony, when I went out of my bedroom I instantly heard them and then saw them, hopping on that mosquito net, they stayed there for quite some time and then like a fool I tried to take a pic and that instant they flew away 😦

one returned later and sat on the roof of the balcony and whistled a little bit for me, it was a fantastic whistle. I did discovered their name, they are quite common in India, all over it, scaly breasted finch, we Bengalis call them Munia. πŸ™‚

I really, really love this house and Hyderabad, for sure, this place is so close to nature, so different from Kolkata’s concrete jungle!

When I stand out in my balcony I see butterflies in dozens! no, I am not making a statement it is a real truth! If I count ten I am sure I will see at least a dozen flying around!

Is it their mating season?

As you know today is my 46th birthday, 17.7.69 + 46 means 2015 right? I don’t give parties, don’t celebrate my birthday but if you guys come down here I will arrange for a party!

As for wishes, wont mind extra! Give all that you can give with all your heart! πŸ™‚

birthday cake


8 thoughts on “My birthday and my magic birds!

  1. Happy birthday my dearest friend. May you be blessed with good things and more love. May God’s blessings be forever on you as you lift to higher heights. πŸ™‚ Have a lovely day. πŸ™‚

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