170×170 day 70 9.7.15

70 9.7.15

Trojan Horse

You feel
Remorse when
You cheat someone
Again and again, someone that trusted
You as a true friend and loved one, the trust
Became Trojan
Horse through
Which ruin

Lose that mask!

Give those
You are traitor
By nature, your expertise says so,
The ease with which you befriend trusting souls
And use that trust,
Speaks of a

Karma and your meeting

Big talks,
Save them for
Your next victim,
We know how evil you are, do you
Ever wonder what if karma truly
Catches up with
You and settles

How do you feel?

You know that
You are liar
Ghoulish greedy monster without
A grain of remorse or shame, how does
That feels? Do you
Feel smug or
Nothing at

Stupid witch

Shrewd witch
Thought she was
Super cunning thing,
She thought she was genius, brilliant,
She never guessed her lies were caught, people
Were not fooled, they
Ignored her as
we do

a pentastich, a complete poem in a 5 lines.
syllabic, with a progressive syllable count 1-2-3-4-10 per line.
sometimes written as a Double Tetractys (2 quintains), when doubled the syllabic pattern is reversed, 1-2-3-4-10-10-4-3-2-1.

70 9.7.15


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