170×170 day 69 8.7.15

69 8.7.15

Dark clouds

Dark clouds gathered,
and then it rained real hard.
After eluding
For weeks they had some mercy,
Cold water revived soul.

up in the clouds

Rain came down in
torrents of wind and raindrops.
Feeling moist breeze
on entire body lifts
the soul up in the clouds.


White gray clouds
playing catch me if you can.
Sky sometimes
looks like playground of
all kinds of animals.

Shape-shifting clouds

Shape-shifting clouds
in a minute they change shape.
Look away just once,
when you return your gaze you
may see a brand new scene.

Krishnachura blooms

Krishnachura blooms
in the blazing summer heat.
Showing courtesy?
letting gentle Jarul flowers
show off their beauty?

deep sense of peace

Deep blue sky and
and all the things that kiss it.
That deep sense of peace,
which fills entirely up
when you look into sky!
star-studded sky

One or two stars twinkle
when you look up at sky.
Ah it would have been
if I could fly to
land of star-studded sky.



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