joined linkedin now what?

Kevin my priceless friend @ insisted that I join linked in, after that I did a bit of googling and discovered “freelance writers” should join it, even though I think I am an Indie writer and am not really keen to sell my works to others for their fame, that is sell works not publish them with my own name so even though I am a bit confused about “Freelance writer and Indie author” I joined it.

There is one thing I will like to tell them after wasting an hour on that program they provide an “online test” for English and certify, the non audio portion is great but the AUDIO FILES ARE INAUDIBLE, when I play movies in my computer in full volume I have to stay prepared for the loud sounds and mute the audio, so my computer is right where it should be BUT I COULD NOT HEAR ANYTHING IN THEIR AUDIO FILES BUT MUMBLING, that too after wasting 35 minutes already. So please for the sake of professionalism either fix it or warn people before they start using it.

my profile there is-

I have added the author with my name instead of going for simple sharmishthabasu because there are already two sharmishtha basus there who use the same spelling as me.

So for the sake of my friends and curious I decided to add author with my name.


12 thoughts on “joined linkedin now what?

  1. if you figure out what a non freelancer should use linkedin for, please share… I am not yet pub, but agree with keeping my name on anything I create… not sure why I allowed myself to be talked into linkedin, there are already so many social media sites to jugle… tracey clark

    • I certainly will Tracy ๐Ÿ™‚

      I wasted couple of months on FB after almost everyone told me writers should have FB account, now I am trying to utilize it as a showcase of my books, that’s all, because no one reads the works of others in FB, everyone wants to speak there, not read/listen ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Lets see what linkedin wants to say!

      • my FB page has also been said in the followers… only on my blog and on twitter do I actually feel like I’m not wasting my time… good luck with your linkedin war ๐Ÿ˜›

      • I think it is… for all writers… there seem to be a lot of us on there… this month typing in #campnanowrimo (even if you are not a part of camp) and liking and commenting helps to get me followers, as well as like minded peeps to chat with from time to time.. also #amwriting #amediting #fantasyromance etc … in nov try #NaNoWriMo (leave off the camp part) if you have a hobby, type that into the search box… wordpress even will send your blogs to your twitter so you are always seen when you blog, on both sites… also from time to time, there are writing, query, etc contest that run on twitter… just play around, and I hope it increases your word-buds… happy wordage, tracey

  2. Hi LinkedIn is a great tool for everyone – using services like Pulse I follow some of the most interesting free thinkers, look at the world from places I hadn’t visited because of my own life experience.

    I used the groups to really understand more about people in an area of their life I thought was very simple – they go to work for some reason but what I have found is that luck, judgement and just not giving up is a characteristic of many of the successful and those less successful tend to hit a problem and stop. So I have found more people to network with who like me want to resolve issues and solve problems.

    The other reason is to stretch out and share more of your work – I am fortunate inn that I have my writing and blogging separate from my work so linkedin offers me another personality a little more driven and focused and reduces the amount of time I spend in the workplace.

    I make a point of visiting at least once week and reading through the information I am looking for.

  3. Like so many other aspects of the internet, you can use it as much or as little as you feel inclined. It’s a useful stop as a sounding-board among other writers. Useful for sharing points of view, even if you don’t comment, and thoughts. Some people write in haste, and the resulting typos can be funny, but it’s a means of contact. Writing can be a lonely occupation.

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