Saturday Slices 4.7.15

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These posts are inspired by two of my friends, Vishal @ and one and only Kevin, they asked me some questions about my private life, things that can be shared with friends and one wont bother if some stranger reads them.

So I decided these posts, if you are curious about something you can gladly ask me, I will decide whether I will share that information here, in an email or say sorry cant tell you because if I do I will have to kill you 😉

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Right after my return from hell I was asked by my sister to join a dumb one month course, I don’t know why she made me join that other than a fact that there I met the second installment of doppelgangers, after leaving the first lot in Rajasthan I thought it was past, but here I was introduced to the second lot, there was a group of students, that always stuck together and they were in two parts, that is half of them resembled the other half, when they were together you will notice the differences, but I truly wonder if you will distinguish them when they were not together! I seriously do!

There was a girl who gifted me this hand-made clip, it is beautiful is not it? it is made of jute and steel, I could not muster up the courage to use it, in case I ruin it, so it stayed with me, I am a big lover of handmade gifts, cards, they are somehow priceless to me!

The flowers on Musie’s throne, I learned creating them in that course. I wish I had the money to learn only flower making, there was quite a market for them back then but ….money always loves to play spoilsport, right?


4 thoughts on “Saturday Slices 4.7.15

    • Its fabulous is not it? She was so sweet and generous to gift it to me! I would have bought something like this in market for somewhere around 50/- or more (ordinary hair clips like that cost 20/- or so here)

    • in life small things make us happy or sad, the positive point is we can tackle small pain/hurts and if we are blessed enough to relish small things to the core we are seldom unhappy (only when something really big goes wrong…) that is why I tell my friends to relish every smallest gift of life 🙂

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