time changes

a rich ghoul’s pet parrot once chanted
after picking up my tarot card,
“Marry and you will become rich!”
I told him I don’t want to rich,
“Tell me something about career!”
“Marry and you will be rich!”
it chanted again,
“You have no career!”
“if you don’t marry, you wont have a life
worth living” It sounded menacing,
I decided to prove him wrong,
and walked away from that stupid table,
time has passed, opinion has changed,
I wont mind being rich for sure,
by my own earned money though!
Husband’s money is still nothing to me,
and will always be!
I am waiting for time to tell,
if that rich ghoul and his paid parrot
was right after all,
or was he just a bought, dumb bird
chanting the words of a twisted mind.

Do you think money, success is more delicious when it is earned by your own talent, toil or skill? I think it is the only real one! The other methods that is via someone’s help is alright, can be accepted but they are not as much fun or delicious!

love and hugs.


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