Is the man always to be blamed?

Honestly, I am a woman, a woman who has enjoyed freedom in far more deeper sense than a lot of advocates of “nudity in name of freedom” folks.

Recently I was reading a blog in Kevin’s domain, and have read a lot of “boo ha ha” post the horrible case of Damini, the only case that caught Indian public’s attention even though such ghoulish things happen all the time.

Are the men always to be blamed in such cases? The men who just became animals? It is nature’s truth that men are just like that, those who control themselves are the exceptions, even though the others should follow them but they rarely do.

But what about the society that eggs on these beasts? That lures, encourages, forgives them? You don’t know what I mean? Then you don’t live in India.

I have come across women (in too many numbers sorry sati savitri advocates) that chase men for their wallet and do everything possible to trap them, lure them into their net. They are married/unmarried both. Mostly married though.

I have come across women (in too many numbers) that act like pros in open places like metro trains, trains, parks even offices…

what kind of signal do these women give out to depraved men around them? No you cant deny that too many men of India or any other old fashioned country are depraved, boy they can get on your nerves if you actually believe in women’s lib, where you believe that your body and your mind is your own property, no one else meddles with them.

What will you say about the media that screams about a “young man raping a buffalo” fifty times in a family show in name of advertisement of-course! Shows sizzling advertisements of condom with vivid visual and verbal description in the same family show?

What exactly are these sati savitris are doing? chanting “women’s lib” or showing women commodities?

If it is harsh, well I meant it to be harsh, the women I have seen you have not seen, so I have changed my mind about rapists, they are not always ghouls, sometimes they are just deranged animals who have been starved and then set loose, and they often devour the innocents! mostly!


3 thoughts on “Is the man always to be blamed?

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