Saturday Slices 20.6.15

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My father was transferred to Etawah when I was eight years old, for seven or eight months I think, I don’t recollect much about the timespan but I do remember some of the things of Etawah. 🙂

one, I made my first friend there, her name is Indu, nope, I don’t have any contact with her now, we did exchanged some letters after I returned to Tundla but that was all.

two, I got enrolled in my first school there, and the second one too though for a very brief span of time, the first one was for class 3 and I have merely joined the second one in class four when my father was transferred back to Tundla. 🙂

three, there was a Kali temple near Etawah where the notorious dacoits of Chambal came to worship, the locals said that there was a well in the premises where they dumped dead bodies. We went there only once, and I remember that the person who took us there asked father to leave because the priest told him that one of the notorious dacoits was about to pay a visit to the temple to worship and naturally all others but the priests were sent away before those celebrities arrived. 🙂

four, I suffered from more than three bouts of typhoid when I was in Etawah, brought home by my elder brother, he and my elder sister brought home each and every contagious diseases, and I was gifted with them because I was the only one who served them while they were confined in their beds. ;p

believe me typhoid hurts, so I cant say that I enjoyed those seven or eight months much!

I don’t have much photographs from my childhood, the ones of my early childhood, five or six are in my elder sister’s clutches even though we are mutually allergic to each other but she wont let those photographs slip from her talons, did not even allowed us to make copies! just wont budge!

I have only a few scraps left from my childhood other than important academic certificates and some gifts post 1985 that I did not allowed to slip away from hands, and were spared from the water-logging of Kolkata houses.

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