Saturday Slices 30.5.15

WBFP 10.6

WBFP 17.6 IMG_0069

A few slices from my life will be the theme of this post, it is an open post to my friends, if you want to ask me anything about my life, you can ask me here, i will decide whether i will send you a mail or share it through my next post.

recently Kevin asked me if sharmishtha basu is a pseudonym, after reading the charons he thought it is quite natural that a person hunted by such monsters will try to hide her true identity, well, no i don’t hide my true identity, because that will give those ghouls something to gloat about, i wont give them that chance.

vishal@vishalbheeroo.wordpress asked if i am from Bangalore or ever lived there, well i have never even visited south india before settling down in Hyderabad this year πŸ˜‰ i first touched south indian soil on 2nd feb 2015 when i descended at Hyderabad railway station.


8 thoughts on “Saturday Slices 30.5.15

  1. Happy weekend, Sharmistha! This is a lovely idea. I enjoyed the photos of the documents — unexpectedly compelling, the reaction to a piece of paper.
    I used to have an old fashioned, hospital issued birth certificate. (the Government doesn’t accept them any more, and it was a huge ordeal to get the modern kind…) It even had my baby footprints on the back. Interestingly when i reached a transformation in my life, the little foot prints faded away. But i was no longer the person who made them.
    Mega hugs for putting yourself out there like this. πŸ™‚

    • well none of my siblings have birth certificates πŸ™‚ only my younger brother went back to Tundla when he was in school and had one made for him! lucky for us that the school leaving certificate was accepted as birth certificate, now I think birth certificate is necessary for most of the things, including admission in school.

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