Thursday pages 28.5.15

surprise flowers FS IMG_0005 21.5.15

There are places where birds are kept in cages, here I have to keep my plants in cages to save them from pigeons. their babies are in nest and they have gone absolute loco, two mornings I woke up and discovered that they have attacked my pots and have almost killed a plant (I am not yet sure whether they have accomplished their evil 😉 mission!) so lucky me I had these nets from the squirrel cage I have built in Kolkata, my friends know about that cage, my futile attempt to save a baby squirrel from a drooling cat 😦

so I used the nets and mosquito nets I used in windows to build this cage for my plants, can you believe how stupid pigeons are?

that very day, I was sweeping the house and I by sheer dumb luck came out to check and there she was gobbling whatever leaves were left!

boy I gave her a solid spanking (no no feather flew, I am an expert in the field of scaring without hurting, I had to spank her to ensure that she gets terrified. ha!!

the very next day she was sitting on the adjacent roof drooling!

have a great day.
lots of love.

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6 thoughts on “Thursday pages 28.5.15

  1. A nice story. In Mexico, they have cages on top of the buildings to put the clothes out to dry. Cages are locked so the neighbours don’t steal your clothes. 🙂

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