170×170 day 26 26.5.15

Light sparkles in her eyes when she looks at you,
As if two stars are shining in those eyes
That look through you.
They don’t say anything, nor do the lips
But you have the deepest feeling that they know,
They can see through you, as if your heart, soul
Is an open book, and every feeling that you have
Is written on them, she gently sifts through the pages
Reading each and every word, understanding it all,
Dark hearts feel unsteady in her presence,
Afraid that she can read their intentions they cower.
Hurting hearts feel reassurance by her single glance,
Knowing deep within that she can feel their pain.
Loving hearts warm up in her proximity
Knowing their heart rhythms with her heart full of love.
Tormented hearts discover peace in her face,
That tells them not to worry, the night may be dark,
Wind might be howling, thunder roaring
the path may be scary but soon it will end
and they will reach their tavern to rest.



6 thoughts on “170×170 day 26 26.5.15

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