170×170 day 22 22.5.15

“Every evil I have committed, I have done them for my daughters,”
“Every mother hopes and prays that her daughter will become a queen!”
“Oh tell me oh vile creature what sin have I done by doing my best?”
“To win the hand of the best groom in my eyes for her!”
“You stole him from another!” the creature growled.
“But she was not his type, you see my girl is more pretty,
that girl is no good at all, he would have regretted his decision,
had I not intervened.” She whined.
“The choice was not yours to make!” was the beast’s reply.
“But I did it not for myself, only for my daughter!”
“You betrayed a girl after befriending her, feigning to be her friend,
Well wisher you penetrated her life, dug out every think you thought
would have been useful for you to use against her, just tell me one thing woman
did your soul ever scorned you?” the creature asked with an evil glint in his eyes.



2 thoughts on “170×170 day 22 22.5.15

    • I think I know one such, I don’t know if it is a mother or father but s/he has caused me irreparable damages using my trust and she is still around, just wont scuttle off… you have read charons, so I wont be surprise if it is multiple members of a family working in harmony utilizing the invisibility provided by net.

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