writing101april2015 day 19 30.4.15

Today’s stimulation-

DONT STOP… Write 400 words atleast, without stopping, editing.



Well, I am lucky that I am late in trying this post, so, there is a funny story and a sad one I was about to share in a new post, but as I am not much of a long shot writer, let me share it with you here.

First one is a bit sad, actually it made me sad, on sunday I noticed some arrangements were going on in the parking lot of the apartment, I should have suspected because of its position, right next to the garbage bins, but I did not paid much mind.

In Bengal (Don’t know much about rest of the north india) when someone passes away the body is brought to home, it is dressed with new dress, garland etc by family members and the family members take it to the last journey to crematorium, no priests.

Here, in south india things are absolutely different so when I saw someone wearing a garland, sandal on his forehead I thought he was a groom, to further convince me there was a priest too, then my eyes fell on the feet of the body… I realized what the ceremony was! They held a full prayer before taking the body to final journey, the other thing that was different was they blew conch shells- which is strictly a holy symbol in Bengal, conch shells are blown only holy and happy occasions.

Now the happy story, funny story?

Last night (?) I went to bed about at 12:00 but was forced out of it by loud drumbeats, it was so loud that it crossed my drawing room and entered my bedroom brazenly enough to nudge me out of bed and make me take a peek. There is a temple a little distance away, if I draw a straight line it will be 500 foot or so away, they often hold marriage or pre nuptial ceremonies with loud drums (not one fourth loud as the one that was being played last night) and another musical instrument like shenai but not shehnai, that was absent and the timing was odd so I assumed that it was not a marriage, the music was too loud, so instead of trying to sleep I decided to listen to it and see if the people in close proximity empty their refrigerator contents on them.

Imagine, at twelve in the night, a handful of people, could not see the entire gathering, only a few were visible, dancing like crazy in that absolutely insane drumbeat! I was absolutely charmed by the tolerance of nearby people, imagine every house has someone who was supposed to attend office today?

They danced and danced and played the drums louder and louder, I stood on the balcony watching them dancing like shadows in the darkness.

Then a cop in motorbike rolled in, someone did called the cops… or maybe he was passing by… who knows? Well the drumbeats instantly stopped and they dispersed, the cop too left after a while.

I do wonder if someone called the cops or he just happened to be passing by and decided to intervene!

Anyway I felt really sorry for those who lived right next to the party, unless of-course they too were amongst the dancing shadows… 😉 You never know!


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