Why don’t Indian men grow old gracefully?

This is a question that sometimes
annoys me, amuses me, bewilders me!
Why don’t they?
They expect women to think that they are
“kuri perolei buri”
or an old woman once they cross twenties,
aah! so they will become docile I guess?
So the women here try to grow old
as soon as they can,
take pride in sacrificing their youth
and acting like old women, till
they actually get old!
Men on the other hand
are Peter Pans
do they ever pause and think?
No matter how much dye you use,
or how many years you reduce your age
it shows up in face?
They should stand in front of the mirror,
with a young man and see the difference
truly apparent in their faces,
do they think that by chasing teenagers,
or making everyone else feel old and dying
will make them youngish or young?
Ah! if it was this easy,
who would have been searching for
“fountain of youth”?

Well, ever since I landed in Burdwan I noticed that for some mysterious reason the kids of our neighbourhood, some of them much older than me always addressed me, my siblings as uncles/aunts, I accepted that as a token of respect, so when men/women old enough to be my father addressed us as uncle/aunt we accepted that too.

Then after shifting to Kolkata I realized its a funny habit of Indian men (women usually simply call by name) to address women as old as their daughter as “didi” elder sister, women their age as auntie and no, the respect that should follow it does not follows, earlier, a few decades ago men were far more dignified, they called unrelated women ma (mother) and actually meant it, now I called my nieces ma, my aunts called me ma, this is one thing I have seen in south india, they still follow this fabulous tradition, I really, really love it when they call me “amma” πŸ™‚ much more than didi/pishima (elder sister/auntie).

But the question remains about people of Kolkata (majority of them are non Bengalis) men, why don’t they age gracefully and let women enjoy their youth in peace?


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