170×170 join me!


Join me, and inspire me πŸ™‚

I have been absolutely motivated by writing101april2015 and my muse is absolutely active, so I am planning to keep her fed for another 170 days, join me, write anything and share here from 1st may to 17th October (both inclusive) we will read each other’s works.

I will write daily, you may try too, you know if you cant write 170 words a day, anything I mean that means you are ignoring your muse and s/he can settle her scores too!



6 thoughts on “170×170 join me!

  1. How does this work? You said to join you but does that mean submitting things to this blog or just tagging stories as writing101april2015? I guess I don’t understand the challenge very well. I’m interested though. πŸ™‚

Please leave your blog URL/links with your comments if they are not included in your gravatar. If you don’t you will deprive me from one of my favourite things-returning your sweet gesture.

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