writing101april2015 -day 13- 22.4.15- serially lost 2

Today’s stimulation-

On 4th day you wrote about losing something, today write about finding something. Tell us about the time you retrieved your favorite t-shirt from your ex, or when you accidentally stumbled upon your 5th grade journal in your parent’s attic.

Today’s twist

If you wrote day four’s post as the first in series use this one as the second installment, loosely defined.

I recently did find out something that means a lot to me! There are things that we leave behind and even though we love it we don’t want to carry a bit of it with us, not now, not at all! like the skinny dipping days with cousins and siblings… ;P

But there are things that we leave behind but will always mean a lot to us, too precious! Even though the bridge is burnt we still love those days and wish that we can replicate them in some other way!

Such were the days of durgapuja in my ancestral home, after ten years, which comprised of changing houses 5 times, amongst which two were absolutely fantastic, full of mold, damp and drain water I thought I have lost them all! All the photographs of our durgapratima, the idol of goddess durga, I kept the only one available (badly damaged) like a precious gem.

I guess you can imagine my mirth, ecstasy, joy when I discovered one in perfect condition last month! 🙂 There is no losing it again! I instantly tried to get it laminated but there are no such shops nearby … but I will! There is no losing it again.


5 thoughts on “writing101april2015 -day 13- 22.4.15- serially lost 2

  1. What i’d like to retrieve from my ex is the 10 years i lost to him… but that’s a different kind of story. 😉
    Great prompts, Trisha. I’m sure both would result in wonderful stories. Huge hugs

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