writing101april2015- day 12- 21.4.15- dark clouds

Today’s stimulation

Share a discussion of past, present in which you wish you had or could participate.

Today’s twist

Add a feeling of foreshadowing, give the readers a hint about something negative that was about to happen in near future, or will happen.

Well, honestly I never participate much in discussions, I believe in actions, but there are one or two where I regret that I was manipulated by a really shrewd woman! Whose cunning is absolute awesome! So, as I recollect one of them let me share that-

“My friends are my friends…” Shree said vehemently, “If you stop being my friend you don’t have any rights to talk with my sister.”

Sarbo listened to her silently and left.

She sat there, believing her sister was right, never even realized that Sarbo was one of those rare people who could see through her sister’s cunning, manipulative mask and see the hideous creature lurking inside, he most probably started liking the lamb instead of the wolf, and the wolf had to intervene. She could not allow anyone to fraternize her prey!

Yeah… I still bitterly regret that I ruined my relationship with that friend of hers, who could see her true face and actually like me!


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