Journey to Hyderabad 2

Now, for some reason the phone/computer has jumbled up the pictures, so I really am not very sure that the photographs are in serial, I quite believe the contrary! But here they are any way, the picked ones amongst more than 450 pix, I would have taken more but was deprived of the pleasure by some people, who know very well that these days people can choose the seats they want to travel in, but they did not, after all, they can always “Ask” others for what they have, that is the birth right of “have nots” of India. 😉

So, these three guys from Orissa deprived me from the pleasure of window seat when they asked my brother for my seat/his seat and he gallantly gave away one 😦

The only thing was one of them was really tired, he slept through the journey, from one end to the other. But…bygones are bygones!

Here is the second set of pix-

11 rock 1.02.15

12 misty 1.02.15

13 barren 1.02.15

14 boat 1.02.15

15 boat 2 1.02.15

16 bridge 1.02.15

17 bridge 2 1.02.15

18  1.02.15

19 1.2.15

20  1.2.15


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