I am in love!

I am absolutely in love with hummingbirds!

Love at first sight I will say, I was standing on the verandah on 5th March, a hummingbird showed up, it hovered for quite some time near me, of-course on the other side of the grill ;p but apparently it ignored me totally and I fell, head over heels in love with these amazing little birds! They are so beautiful!

Yesterday I was standing in the same verandah when one came and sat down on the grills of the other verandah, it sat there for a while, not only that it was contemplating on going further in but changed its mind. I hoped and prayed that it will start ignoring my presence and treat my home as its own!

Today I was typing away when I captured his shadow in the drawing room, he was actually in, hovering near the fan, I don’t know why, he of-course flew away the second he noticed me!

Now I am absolutely gone! I will never stop loving these lovely birds!!!!!


4 thoughts on “I am in love!

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