writing101april2015 -day 7- 14.4.15 – give and take

Today’s stimulation

write a post based on the contrast between two things-whether people, objects, emotions, places or something else.


write your post in form of dialogues-argument, quarrel, lover’s tiff…debate…

“Women are inferior than men, even nature proves that, that is why females are weaker and dumber than male.” G said, his face glowing with superiority complex, a confidence that was disastrously close to foolish arrogance.

“Women are only physically weaker than men.” M sniffed, her soft lips quivering, trying hard to compete with her brother’s arrogant confidence. Her sweet, soft face red with embarrassment.


4 thoughts on “writing101april2015 -day 7- 14.4.15 – give and take

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