writing101april 2015- day 6- 13.4.15 – a character

Today’s stimulation-

Who is the most interesting character you have met this year.


Give that character life by describing his or her.

He had the type of face which instantly draws attention, sweet face with specs. He was occupying the opposite bunk in the train, then he opened his mouth. It seemed his heart was filled with uncontrolled anger, always boiling, churning, trying to spill out of mouth.


4 thoughts on “writing101april 2015- day 6- 13.4.15 – a character

  1. When I’m able to go into that kind of detail, i like to describe one facial feature, like the nose or the mouth. I think if readers can really see that feature, they see the whole face/person. (Of course, i tend to describe more, but i try to point out one particular feature.)
    Mega hugs my friend. 🙂

  2. Well it takes a lot of talent to portray what you see in a way that your reader sees it too! That is the greatest joy of a writer I believe! I can still see the solitary reaper even though it has been more than couple of decades since I last read that poem!

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