unwelcome visitor who became overnight guest

BAT IMG_0015 13.4.15

Once upon a time these little winged things, absolutely harmless used to scare me out of my wits. An absolutely illogical terror used to clutch me the second one entered the room and started flying around the light bulb. I used to go on all fours and go to light switch and then turn it off and bolt out of the room, returned only after long, long time and breathed relief only after multiple checks that it is gone.

the weather is uber cool here for last few days, it has been windy, cold and drizzling two evenings on a stretch, I went out to the balcony for a minute or two (its really cold to stay for long) this little fellow landed in my drawing room floor, that will be past the balcony grills, through the open door of-course.

I first thought it was a dry leaf then it took to wings and I realized the creature of my nightmares have entered the room, quite surprisingly though I was no longer scared of it, it seemed to tired (or hurt) to fly, so it clinged to the wall of the drawing room.

I tried to lure it out using old techniques of burdwan, turning on the emergency light and placing it in the balcony, then opening the main door and trying the same trick it did not budged, not only that it went further in, into my brother’s bedroom and attached itself to his cupboard, I took a few pix and closed the door from outside, opened it after turning off the lights for the night, when I went there to check in the morning it was gone.

I am glad that I did not discovered its tiny lifeless body on the floor 🙂

There are some huge bats too here, they look as big as crows/kites when they fly in the night, glad that they cant squeeze in through the grills!


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