writing101april2015- day 1- 6.4.15- unlock the mind

I was planning to join this activity in wordpress, duly added my name but to fully do it I will have to sign in to access it, in case you want a stimulation for a month, go to writing101april2015.wordpress.com and join it. πŸ™‚

I will be getting the themes so I will be writing them here for fun.

Yesterday’s stimulation was –
sit down with your pen/keyboard and write anything that comes to your mind for 20 minutes.
publish and share it with everyone.

Well, When I tried something like this came out-

Sun, the most powerful presence in our world,
not because its the brightest star
or because its the mightiest one
but because of the position
but because of its contribution
it touches every little pore
every little speck of our life
our breath and our gait
it may even control our fate.
Sometimes its rays play with us
sometimes they soothe us
sometimes they save us from freezing
and sometimes they scorch us.
It makes the earth spin around
changing weathers
it makes the ocean, wind rise and fall
and sometimes it sends us flares
to cook up things that it should not.

I could write for only five minute at a stretch, I mostly write stories but have not written one for quite some time! Editing is killing my writing, so by the time this year is over I will end my publishing assignment and next year will be all about writing and publicity of books published πŸ˜‰

it is a fun stimulant for sure, will love to know what you wrote, if you tried it.


7 thoughts on “writing101april2015- day 1- 6.4.15- unlock the mind

    • editing has absolutely destroyed my urge to write new, you will be surprised at the amount of writing I have done in these seven years, and how many of them can be spruced up and made quite enjoyable! I have done a mammoth amount of editing in past six months!

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