I love these userfriendly thingies

Why do these computers, phones, internet and other such things have to be run by morons? There was a time when Windows used to clearly explain the bugs, their reasons in a way that end users could tackle them, they too have lost that trait.

From morning I have been trying to do three things-

1 Log into wordpress and pass some time on my blog, I started the attempt at 9:45- wordpress refused to open in my computer, I tried for another one and a half hour to open it from computer (by using the methods 2 AND 3) finally I gave in, tried my phone-which you all know is a ****** so, it first made me change my password, like it always does, but a miracle made it from harassing me a bit less, for some reason— some miraculous reason I received my code in phone, can you believe it???? well, after making me change my password the ****** certainly did not allowed me to do a single thing, every thing I tried was served with same answer “***** cant find a secure link to open wordpress”, so on the other hand my computer was getting tuned (it took 3 hours) I had nothing to do so apart from doing a chore or two I kept trying on that ***** phone. That certainly did not worked, you can guess that.

2. When I could not open wordpress I naturally tried to update windows, my brother always tells me to do that whenever there is any internet/computer problem, can you believe it, it played the same dumb game? I tried twice for twenty minutes, then tried from admin, it just kept chasing its tail. without a single sound, as if we don’t have anything else to do but sit in front of computer and watch their pathetic maneuvers. Finally I gave up and tried to tune the computer.

3. tune my laptop and update it (it took 20×2 sessions where the dumb arrow went on a rolling fit till I got suspicious and closed it- finally a 3 hour tuneup.), the update did not worked, I tried four times, it just kept that dumb “chase my tail” game up for about 1 hour in toto, finally a 3 hour tuneup fixed the problems. So, if this idiot computer has some inbuilt/automated warning system that had told me to tuneup the computer, I think I would have done that instantly, right? that would have saved me those extra two hours I wasted trying to update!

Boy I loathe these morons who create these things and especially create the help/userguide things.

For once, wordpress got clean chit 😉


4 thoughts on “I love these userfriendly thingies

    • honestly, when I try to understand their “help” I don’t get a thing, but in the very beginning stage I have trained myself word, powerpoint using their “help” manuals- it was so crystal clear then!

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