my sweet winged buddy

kite I_0070 1.4.15

Now, do I love kites? Yes I do! Ah I do! If my camera was half as decent as him I would have been rewarded by a set of glorious pictures, because he slowly flew towards the sun.

but my camera is possessed like the camera of horror movies, every time, every **** time I try to capture something cool it announces the battery is dead and wraps up the game (even if I have just changed the battery and am about to take the first/second shot), no, don’t tell me to buy new batteries, I have, I have an almost brand new rechargeable battery set, 2×2, it is the camera that is possessed and loves to mess up my pictures.

All hail the mighty sailor of sky! He always gifts me with pleasant surprises.

Now that I have let the cat out, let me share a teenage story, in our burdwan house lived a family, their son used to go to roof to fly kites (paper ones) and brought down a baby kite (bird) we bracing our hearts captured that bird, it was huge and released it on the roof, with the hope its parents will take him.

Well they did, and you know what they did after that?

They chased us for full two years every time we stepped out of the house? lucky for us that the streets of burdwan were real narrow, otherwise… oh boy!!!

So I sorta grew allergic to kites, ungrateful wretches but now I have become fond of this particular one, I think it is one kite, because he surveys this locality sometimes flies so low that I can see his beak ๐Ÿ™‚

moon I_0003 31.3.15

This is sweet moon, playing with pink clouds. ๐Ÿ™‚

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