the charons

Sometimes its good to have an open mind and believe what others say, especially if your own heart believes that person.

Some stories are told because they should be told, without any hidden agenda.

This is such a story, some pages from my life to wake indians up, to remove the glasses of hypocrisy from their eyes and show them another side of real india, which may invade their world too, ignorance is not a bliss. Its a timebomb.


The dangerous thing about people who speak truth is they wont cry hoarse to prove themselves, if they want to warn you they will simply share the truth in crystal clear words and hope that you can trust their veracity, even if they sound surreal. Quite unlike liars who will try to rip to pieces everyone who will contradict their words, the truthful mostly back away when people openly disagree with them or distrust them.

After all, speaking truth is not an easy task, who will like to bare one’s soul to ungrateful/untrusting or naïve people?

my latest book, the charons:

some reviews by my adorable friends:

the charons


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