one or two stars fight back the light of urban night
and smile at the watchers to say
we are always here, just look for us.
Wind carries the fragrance, mind analyzes,
if it is some flower blooming
or the wind carried on its wing
the fragrance of incense sticks or perfumes.
A cricket plays his song, same tune but never boring,
sometimes a sudden patch of silence reigns the urban night.
Every thing feels so calm, serene and peaceful.

my latest book, the charons-


6 thoughts on “searching

  1. Our area has requirements about the kinds of lights that can be used in our area…so the stars in the night sky are visible…wouldn’t like not seeing the sky.

    • i am starting to forget how starstudded sky looks (well that will be lie, I see it in nat geo, discovery and movies)… with own eyes. In Kolkata even if there is a massive power cut the emergency lights keep the sky lit enough, same must be in Hyderabad too, now massive powercut is not a thing to ask for, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Here too (forget about Kolkata, there a single star was a vision) I have to stare really hard to see a few stars, at the max three or four are visible, but fortunately other celestial beings are quite visible here, moon (Kolkata light murdered moonlight too) and all conquering sun of-course ๐Ÿ™‚

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